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AWLA only provides endorsements for Arizona appellate court judicial positions, not for Federal, superior, or municipal court positions.


An applicant seeking endorsement for an appellate judicial opening must provide his or her complete judicial application to the Chair of the AWLA Appointments Committee along with answers to the questions below.  The application must include all listed references and other sections of the application not available to the public.  AWLA will then conduct a due diligence review.  The application must be submitted immediately upon being notified that the applicant has been selected for an interview by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, in order to ensure adequate time to complete its due diligence in advance of the interview.  If inadequate time exists for due diligence to be performed, an applicant requesting endorsement may not receive it.  Under no circumstances will an applicant’s request for endorsement be entertained after an interview has occurred.  Endorsements are made after a favorable vote of the AWLA Board of Directors.


Membership in AWLA is not required, but will be taken into consideration by the Board of Directors when it decides whether to endorse an applicant.  Applicants seeking endorsement are asked to submit written responses to the following questions:


1.      Why are you seeking AWLA’s endorsement?

2.      What actions, both professionally and personally, have you taken to advance the interests of women in the legal profession?

3.      Are you an AWLA member?

4.      If so, how long have you been a member and in what activities have you participated?

5.      If you are not a member, why have you not joined the organization?



Please direct all inquires about endorsement to the Chair of the AWLA Appointments Committee, Brooke Gaunt  at