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Goldman & Goldman 19
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2018 Roberta Tepper
2017 Carrie L. Rednour
2016 Laura J. Zeman-Mullen
2015 Lisa Bossard Funk
2014 Janet B. Hutchison
2013 Jill J. Ormond
2012 Kimberly A. Demarchi
2011 Teri Thomson-Taylor
2010 Pamela J. P. Donison

Note: in 2010, all Officer and Board Member positions moved to a Calendar Year

2008-2009 Christina M. Cabanillas
2007-2008 Paige A. Martin
2006-2007 Merle Joy Turchik
2005-2006 Mary Grace McNear
2004-2005 Kristine M. Fox
2003-2004 Tamara D. Brooks-Primera
2002-2003 Anne C. Graham-Bergin
2001-2002 Robbin M. Coulon
2000-2001 Megan E. Miller
1999-2000 Cheri L. McCracken
1998-1999 Cynthia L. Anson
1997-1998 Hon. Eileen S. Willett
1996-1997 Helen Perry Grimwood
1995-1996 Susan C. Villareal
1994-1995 Dee-Dee Samet
1993-1994 Karen Gianas
1992-1993 Jean K. Gage
1991-1992 Hon. Tamara W. Augustine
1990-1991 Denice R. Shepherd
1989-1990 Hon. Susan A. Ehrlich
1988-1989 Hon. Nikki A. Chayet
1987-1988 Marcia Waterman Davis
1986-1987 Lynne O. Wood
1985-1986 Hon. Susan R. Bolton
1984-1985 Hon. Margaret L. Maxwell
1983-1984 Susan G. Wintermute
1982-1983 Jeannette K. Geiser
1980-1982 Barbara Fisher