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AWLA is committed to supporting the professional advancement of women lawyers.  The resources provided here are intended to assist AWLA members and the Arizona legal community in promoting gender equity in legal workplaces.  Included here is an array of information, articles, studies and links to professional organizations addressing a myriad topics related to promoting professional growth and achievement of lawyers. AWLA recognizes that the professional success of lawyers is shaped in substantial part by the policies, practices, and culture of the workplaces in which they operate.  The hope is for these resources to further this effort.



Resource Compilation: Substantive Articles and Studies


Good Reads

Why do Experienced Female Lawyers Leave?

Maricopa Superior Court Mother's Rooms locations

Pima County Superior Court Mother's Room Location:
The Mother's Room is Room 301, just off the 3rd floor elevator.  The room is locked. 
The only key can be obtained at the first floor information desk,
to ensure that only one person can have access at a time, and that the user has complete privacy.

Fawl Courthouse Lactation Room Handbook 2018_06_06 (1)


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